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Winchester's Budget Challenge

The consultation is currently closed. 

Here’s what you need to know about the simulator:

Please note that the Council's total budget in 2019/20 is £23.54M . However, quite a lot of this budget includes items that cannot be reduced such as levies that we pay to external organisations or the costs of funding the Council’s assets, so these have been excluded from the simulator.

This budget simulator is based on a four year model. Therefore the percentage increases on the council tax and fees and charges sections have been multiplied by four, for example:

• A 4% increase is equal to 1% per year
• An 8% increase is equal to 2% per year
• A 12% increase is equal to 3% per year
• A 40% increase is equal to 10% per year

To get started

•Simply click on the “Create Your Budget” button

•At the top of the page you will see the total expenses figure, the overspend in pounds and the over budget percentage. The overspend figure and budget percentage will increase or decrease depending on the decisions you make – the aim is to get it £0!

•To start the budget simulator please select a group of services from the panel on the left

•You will see a list of service areas within that group - for more information on each of the services just click on the 'i' button next to the service area title

•The slide is set to 0%. Slide the scale up or down to increase or reduce the budget in that area

•For each decision you make you will be informed of the potential consequences of reducing or increasing the budget in that particular area – please be aware that the consequences are for demonstration purposes only

•Once you’ve balanced the budget click submit

• After you have submitted your budget you will have the opportunity to give us any additional comments and ideas